7 Best Ways Identify Bad Friends- friendship day special

7 Best Ways To Identify Bad Friends

(we are talking about bad friends)

In the event of Friendship Day, everyone searching,

Friendship Day Wishes

top Trending friendship day quotes but

the messages we are going to send to our friends, our so called friends they are really deserving your precious time

because friends are those who can be going to make our life so special

or bad friends are those who look like a genuine but they are fake from the inside,

have you listen about Trojan malware,

Any idea what they do? sometimes one message in your browser pops out to say your pc have lots of viruses it will slow down your pc, please install this antivirus to boost up

but they are malware who’s purpose is to steal your data,

some bad friends are same as Trojan viruses,

read these 7 ways to identify Bad Friends


1. someone(Bad Friends) starts giving you more attention than


I am sure, you also have that type who calls you when he needs, surely you have

if you think you don’t have, then you need to identify them, you are so sweet that you always think your all friends are best, even God also have some bad in their surroundings,

what they do, they call you,  and they tell you the best situation in which you have only one choice, and that one is to help her/him anyhow,

and they are more intelligent than you because they have a nice talent to lie,

and best liars are most intelligent people,

or they react like they need some money very urgently,

so how to identify them, 

I don’t know, you have to use your own tactics, I can tell you mine,

like if someone wants money from me,

I said okay okay, I will send you, but after some time, I will say “Oh! crap my card is blocked” sorry I can’t help you,

never say no to him, always say Oh okay, but you need to differentiate, between those who need genuine help

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2. Secret Spoilers…


the one who can’t keep your secret, then they just can’t able to keep your friendship as simple as that,

it’s not like the 4th class students, who fight and one of them tells the teacher

some of you might be thinking it’s okay, he/she can’t hold anything in their stomach,

but it’s not okay, that means he does not respect you and he does not respect your feelings

many times you feel ashamed because of him/her, and he was laughing at that time

now, you should know what you have to do…


3. beware of selfie queens…

according to psychologists, persons who take more selfies, are more likely to leave anyone

because these are the persons, who can adjust them in any situation, they need you when

they need you, hope you understand this



scientists links selfies to addiction and mental illness,

now don’t say, you should have to stay with your friend

because she is mentally ill




4.  Don’t be with interloper…

a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong.

many friends, we should use bad friends for them, uses you and your ideas, your things, interferes with your social contacts, your friends

takes over conversations you’re having with others and generally climbs on you to get where you’re going, not setting her own course.

This so-called friend seeks promotion/or has gotten promoted on the backs of more talented colleagues, manipulating authority,

They’ll copy everything you do. You’re their role model and the centre of their eyes. They’ll turn every conversation into an interview, so they can find more about you to copy. You might become exhausted trying to evade their interloping so you can maintain your own friends & contacts without their interference.

They have low self-esteem and have trouble making friends so let you do all the work it takes, then tries to reap the rewards of your effort.

thing is, he sucks you, he sucks your life but he will never give you,

identify them…

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5.Say No To Expensive Gifts

Gifts aren’t always shown expressions of affection, signs that somebody is interested in you and wants to get to know you better.they are but not always.It is always nice to receive a gift, especially from a new friend.There might a hidden cause or expectation

behind that gift. However, gifts should always feel appropriate for the occasion. For example, if a new friend unexpectedly leaves a black dress on your doorstep for your birthday (before even being invited to your house), that person is trying too hard to be your friend.If he is offering something expensive just after few friendly meetings, say no in a casual way instead of getting affectionate by the gift. Friendships should always be genuine connections, something that money cannot buy.honesty is the most expensive gift. A true friend does not have to win you over with expensive gifts. The presence of their friendship will be enough.


6. Fewer Or More


In this new world of social media, more always seems better.More friends more known more a web of social helper or informer is gathered. In our culture, the number of

connections that you have and the number of “likes” you receive

validate you.well drop this idea instead you are 


politician. In friendship, the exact opposite is true. Surround yourself with the people that matter.A friend of many is a friend of none. It is 


impossible to have a meaningful connection with over 500 people.fewer is more.


7.ignore them(Bad Friends)…who ignores you.

Don’t be a glue just don’t get stick to it. This type of “friend” is absolutely infuriating.  If there are three people on a sidewalk, you, them, and their other friend, you’ll always be

the third person walking behind. The third wheel. Every time you try to spark up a conversation he/she ignores you and continues to talk to their friend, or interrupts you and continues blabbing.Being ignored is never fun, 
whether you’re being ignored by your best friend, your sibling, or your romantic partner. To get someone to stop ignoring you, figure out why this person is ignoring you, then calmly approach the individual, apologize as needed. This is a sign of insecurity masquerading as coolness; it’s unkind and unwanted.

thanks, and do comment you favourite one…


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